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Growing up with you

In Innovaciones MS we are operating in the world of childcare since 1992 and we are located in Montaverner (Valencia).

What worries us most is the safety of our customers, and we care that each product meets all the standards of quality and safety to the smallest detail, we also care about the opinion of our customers, and we always worry about offering a excellent service and close treatment.

Innovaciones MS is currently present in more than 2,000 specialized stores throughout the European Union, and our goal is to continue expanding the reach of our brand while offering maximum security and quality to all our customers every day.

In Innovaciones MS we would like to be able to accompany you in the greatest adventure of your lives.

We want to be part of the moments that you will encounter with the birth of your baby, that’s why for more than 25 years we have been innovating, for make the adventure of being parents perfect.

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Strollers to be able to explore any place in the world,


Car seats that will make long trips shorter and more comfortable.


Cribs and mini-cribs for you to rest at night.


Walkers to make the first steps safe and firm.


High chairs to make family meals fun.


Bathtubs, toilet seats and utensils for the most relaxing time of the day

Presence throughout Europe

We are present in more than 2,000 stores

In our brand you can find products with a beautiful design and comfortable but above all you will find a design that offers maximum safety for your children at an incredible price.

Get ready for the adventure to begin and in Innovaciones MS you can find everything you need to make it unforgettable.

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Growing up with you

2020 Collection

This year we have thought that the best way to continue innovating is to link two concepts, the adventure of being parents along with the adventure of knowing new places around the world.

The range of many of the products that we present to you are inspired by some of the most relevant cities on the planet. We connect technology, tradition, excellence, design, and maximum safety all in one, to meet any need of both the baby and the parents.

Presence throughout Europe

Our values

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All our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure excellent quality.

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At MS we care about providing good personal service to each client.

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All our products comply with European safety approvals and standards.

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Our I+D experts are in charge of implementing the latest technologies and approvals in all our products.

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Close treatment

We like to know the story behind each client and we always care to give a close and real treatment.

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We are committed to our customers to offer safety and quality. All our products have a two year guarantee.

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