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History - ms 1992


In February 1992, Innovaciones MS was born in L’Ollería (Valencia), created by Francisco Mompó Vidal who, after being a father, decided to undertake in this sector. The company begins in the garage of the house of his parents-in-law where he begins to store and sell a small range of carousels and bedside lamps for babies.


The garage used as a warehouse begins to remain small and they move to a small logistics center, they also begin to incorporate new product families into their catalog such as walkers, travel cots and maternal electronics.

History - ms 1996
History - ms 2000


Innovaciones MS begins to grow and is increasing its workforce becoming one of the companies to take into account, especially in travel cots. In addition, child hygiene products and strollers are incorporated into the catalog.


In June 2002, due to a short circuit, a fire occurs in the Logistics Center of Innovaciones MS, resulting in the total loss of merchandise and facilities that were available to date.

History - ms 2002
History - ms 2003


Far from falling apart, Francisco Mompó together with his family decides to renew and open a new logistics center in Montaverner (Valencia), betting on innovating in all the products that had already been worked on.


There is a modernization of the Innovaciones MS brand, becoming more known by MS and the company logo is changed.

History - ms 2005
History - ms 2007


MS begins its journey in the car seats and in the safety of children, and in addition to carrying the ranges of products that had been up to date, it begins to stand out rapidly in this area of the sector.


The MS logistics center is expanded, improving facilities and reaching more than 8,000 meters of logistics center.

History - ms 2008
History - ms 2012


MS starts exporting its products to several countries of the European Union.


MS begins to be one of the well-known childcare brands in Spain, covering the vast majority of product families in this sector, it is also modernized incorporating new technologies throughout its logistics system.

History - ms 2015
History - ms 2018


MS opens new offices and continues to increase its workforce.


In MS we continue to innovate and grow with you, what will be next? Be part of our history, join us in this adventure.

History - ms 2020
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