What is Isofix, top tether and other things you should know about car seats.

Qué es el Isofix, top tether y otras cosas que debéis saber sobre sillas de coche.

When we are first-time parents we start to embark on a world we don’t know much about.

We spend hours and hours reading different articles, comparing a thousand and one products, and during the readings of the products we begin to read and/or hear words that we have never read or heard before, and we begin to ask ourselves, “What is is the isofix, and does my car have it? What is the top tether? What is the support leg? How do the groups of chairs work?”… and many more questions.

I still remember how it was when I first read all these terms and how I had to start looking for what those strange things meant, maybe now you are the ones who looking for all this information have ended up in this post.

First of all, don’t worry, although it all seems very complicated you will see how in a short time you will have become experts in the world of childcare.

And now, let’s start:

Isofix: Elisofix is a system of anchoring the chair to the car seat, and its main purpose is to hold the chair in place so that in the event of sudden braking or a collision the chair does not fall out of the vehicle.

It consists of two anchorages or rings that are part of the vehicle’s bodywork. The seat is directly attached to these anchorages by means of rigid bars, pushing them against the rings with a simple ‘click’.

They are complemented with an upper anchorage (Top Tether) or a lower one (Support Leg) to avoid rotation and overturning.

As for how groups are divided in car seats, the most common way to classify them is by weight, and we distinguish the following groups:

  • Group 0: It covers from birth to 9kg.
  • Group 1: Covers from 9kg to 18kg.
  • Group 2: Occupies from 18kg to 25kg.
  • Group 3: Corresponds from 25kg to 36kg.

Depending on the car seat you are interested in buying, you can find different combinations of groups to suit your needs.

Here at MS, you can find any combination of groups that fits what you are looking for, so do not hesitate to ask us any questions, we will be happy to solve them.

For the moment I hope you have found this summary of the most relevant concepts useful. And remember, now begins the greatest adventure of your lives, the adventure of being parents, and in MS we want to accompany you on your way.

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