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Customer Service

For any incidence, first you must contact with the selling point which sold you the product. Our sells points can offer you a easy solution.

In case they don’t offer you a solution, contact as at info@innovacionesms.com

All of our product has 2 years of warranty.

Contact with info@innovacionesms.com and we will offer you a quick solution.

Every MS product that has been damage, must be reapired in a oficial selling point of MS or by ourselves, in case that the product its manipulated by someone who isn’t autorized the warranty will be inmediatlly lost.

First, read the instructions of the product, if you dont find it or you don’t have already the product, search the product in our web and read all the specifications, in case that you need more information you can scan the QR code and it will directlly send you to one explaining youtube video of the product, ori f you preffer you can search directly in Youtube introducing the product name followed by the Word “MS” (example: “Turn MS”). If after all of this you keep with your doubts you can always contact with info@innovacionesms.com

Online Shopping

You can cancel the order when you have made it and still don’t have the shipping confirmation. In case that you want to give back an order which been sent the transport costs will be payed by the customer.

When you make the purchase, you will receive a confirmation email, and later another shipping confirmation email.

In case to recieve a different product from the ordered, you have to write us to info@innovacionesms.com and we will change the product for free.

From the moment you place the order, you must recieve the shipping confirmation in a less than 3 days, once the shipping it’s confirmed you must recieve the product in less tan 3 days.

You have to inform to info@innovacionesms.com for contact inmediatlly to the transport agency and see what is happening, in any case a quick solution will be always given to you.

To return a product must have transcurred less than 15 days from the day you recieved it. Expenses incurred as a different consequence of the product condition will always be borne by the customer.

When you order a product at www.innovacionesms.com an invoice will be generated and send you inmediatlly to the mail that you gave for register.

My MS account

Simply fill in your details in the registration section that appears on the web.

To unsubscribe from MS, you simply have to send an email to info@innovacionesms.com providing your user and requesting that you want to unsubscribe.


All the information regarding the size, weight of the product, weight that it supports, and product functionalities appears on the product data sheet. Also in terms of functionality you can scan the QR that will take you to a YouTube video or search for the product directly on that platform looking for the product name followed by the word MS.

Yes there are, you can find them in the instruction manual of the product you have purchased, or if you have lost it you can ask us any questions at info@innovacionesms.com
At the same time we publish some tips in our blog, which you can access from the MS website.

Yes, all products of our brand have undergone rigorous quality and safety controls and are authorized to be used without any risk throughout the European Union.
If you wish you can visit the section of our website where we talk about the different regulations.

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